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Atlas is a user interface addon for World of Warcraft that provides a number of additional maps as well as an in-game map browser. Typing the command '/atlas' or clicking the mini-map icon will open the Atlas window. The options panel allows you to disable the icon, toggle the Auto Select feature, toggle the Replace World Map feature, toggle the Right-Click feature, change the icon's position, or adjust the transparency of the main window. If the Auto Select feature is enabled, Atlas will automatically open to the map of the instance you're in. If the Replace World Map feature is enabled, Atlas will open instead of the world map when you're in an instance. If the Right-Click feature is enabled, you can Right-Click on Atlas to open the World Map. You can move Atlas around by left-clicking and dragging. Use the small padlock icon in the upper-right corner to lock the window in place.

AtlasLoot Enhanced is an UI mod allowing for loot tables of bosses to be browsed whenever needed within the game.

AtlasQuest is an addon for a World of Warcraft addon called Atlas.
It contains information and a list of quests for the Dungeons, Raids,
Battlegrounds and Scenarios.



Version1.8.5a preTBC Edition
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